Not your typical Hollywood star, Ryan Reynolds has exclusively interviewed himself for GQ.

We ask you what is better than one Reynolds? Two Reynolds, of course! Ryan is quizzed by his “twin brother”, Gordon.

The comedic tone is set immediately – Ryan sits down and remarks how there are “two beards in the room,” Gordon quips that it’s “three, if you count your wife,” and off we go!

The whole video is simply brilliant. Gordon embodies what we know of Ryan Reynolds (a sarcastic, hilarious human being) while Ryan tries his best to remain diplomatic.

The Deadpool star talks about the staff behind the movie, mentioning they had a “great director in Tim Miller,” before Gordon cuts him off and scolds him for boring him.

Gordon compliments the actor being awarded GQ Man of the Year, saying he can’t think of anybody more deserving.

As Ryan begins to respond, the camera pans to reveal Jake Gyllenhaal holding the mic that has been recording the interview. Not knowing how to react, Reynolds greets his fellow actor – “Hi, Jake,” he says.

The video ends with Gordon accusing Ryan of eating a bald eagle, which leads to the duo stepping on each other’s words before Reynolds walks out of shot.

Did you manage to keep up with that? Watch the full interview below. It’s completely worth two minutes of your time.

YouTube: Ryan Reynolds Gets Roasted By His Twin Brother | GQ