Netflix: simultaneously one of the most innovative businesses of the last 20 years and the reason that you haven’t been going to the gym as much as you know you should.

If you were to watch every single TV series and film on Netflix to completion, you would forget what the outdoors even looked like. You would have to rely on exterior shots from Stranger Things.

This concept is not only implausible, it’s also frankly impossible. By the time you finished the entire library, there would be a plethora of new additions.

Netflix’s product can be rather transitory. Films/TV shows come and go. Netflix originals will almost certainly be around for the long haul, and there are some other films/TV shows that have been part of the platform for as long as I can remember.

But due to contractual agreements Netflix has with a whole host of production companies and studios, Netflix is compelled to alter their streaming library every month. The show you might have just started could be off the platform tomorrow.

Now that June has arrived (stop going so fast, 2017) Netflix has announced its library changes for the month. Given the fact that quite a few shows just wrapped up new seasons, there are a couple dozen shows that are already on Netflix that will be adding the newest season to the platform. However, there are a couple of brand new shows that will find their way. Here is a list of those shows.

My Only Love Song, June 9

Like the below El Chapo, My Only Love Song is a Netflix original that will air on other international networks. Premiering on Netflix before airing on South Korean television, the show, which is in Korean with subtitles, is about an egotistical pop star who accidentally travels back in time. The show introduces stars Gong Seung-yeon and Lee Jong-hyun, both of whom are already well known in native South Korea, to American audiences.

El Chapo, June 16

El Chapo, about the beginnings of the now infamous and nefarious drug lord, is a Netflix original. But unlike other Netflix originals, you might have seen it already. The show is a co-production between Netflix and Univision, the latter of which premiered the series on April 23. Netflix will start streaming all seven episodes of the first season in mid-June. You won’t find too many reviews of the show, at least not in American media. However, if you value the user ratings on IMDB, you should know it currently sits at 8.5. If you enjoy the recent trend of anti-heroes as protagonists, this should be as addicting as El Chapo’s products.

Shooter, June 18

Easily the most popular show on this list, Shooter will most likely prove to be a welcome addition to the library for Netflix. The show, about a retired Marine marksman who comes out of retirement to prevent an assassination of the president, is based on a novel and film of the same name. Both the novel and film were financially successful. The show is only in its first season, and while the ratings have been good (at least for a show on US Network) it could easily benefit from a wider audience available through Netflix. And it most likely will.

Free Rein, June 23

We don’t know much about this upcoming Netflix original. We know that ten episodes were ordered, we know it’s set in the English countryside, and we know that it’s a coming-of-age tale. Beyond that, there’s very little we know. We do know that Netflix has already demonstrated great ability to create a quality children’s show so, as far we’re concerned, there’s enough reason to be excited.

GLOW, June 23

If you feel like Netflix is adding a bevy of new, original shows to its platform, you’re not at all wrong. That trend will of course continue into June with shows like GLOW. The show will star Community’s Alison Brie, Nurse Jackie’s Betty Gilpin, and comedian Marc Maron. Early reports suggest that the show is set in the 1980s, and focuses on the short-lived professional wrestling organization, the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. If that doesn’t sound appealing enough to you, just know what Orange is the New Black creator Jenji Kohan is an executive producer on the show.

Little Witch Academia, June 30

If you haven’t heard of Little Witch Academia, you’re not alone. If you have heard of the show, you’ve probably been to a Comic-Con in the last few years. Academia is an anime series based on a pre-existing franchise. The premise of the show focuses on a prestigious school that teaches young girls to become witches. Most popular in Japan, come June 30, Netflix will test its popularity in America.

Gypsy, June 30

Another Netflix original, Gypsy sounds incredibly promising. Firstly, there’s the cast: the show stars Billy Crudup and Naomi Watts. If that’s enough to persuade you, the show’s premise is equally intriguing: a therapist (Watts) starts to mingle in the personal lives of her patients. The show is created by first-timer Lisa Rubin, but experienced British filmmaker Sam Taylor-Johnson is serving as director and executive producer. But really, they had us at Naomi Watts, and with the steamy trailer.