We are in an age of excellent TV; in a world where everyone has a Netflix account and millions are being spent on shows just to entertain people.

This year has given us a plethora of new things to watch, as is the climate of entertainment nowadays – where a person could watch an entire series in one sitting, instead of waiting next week for the next episode.

Some long-standing shows are able to excite an audience, there is no denying that – The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones are still two of the most watched series this year.

There is something about new series, though, that excites people; the idea of going on a journey like we did following Walter White and, to a lesser extent, Saul Goodman is exciting.

Your favourite TV show won’t last forever; if Friends was allowed to end, anything and everything will come to an end but fret not, here are five of the best TV shows that debuted this year:

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