Scarlett Moffatt remains the favourite to be crowned Queen of the Jungle – a feat she has maintained since being announced as a contestant on the show.

Moffatt’s popularity went from strength to strength right up until Martin Roberts and Danny Baker made their way into the bush.

Baker was given the infamous label of “bully” within hours of joining the other celebs.

Homes Under the Hammer star Lucy Alexander took to Twitter to share her feelings on her co-star’s campmate.

Martin isn’t without his critics though, being labelled as a cry-baby online, Jeff Pope posted this to his Twitter account about the presenter:

It wasn’t long until this upset the other campmates and fans were given scenes of Scarlett and Martin in floods of tears.

Although said fans began to turn on Moffatt, asking why she was even in the jungle as she is exempt from so many trials.

People were saying the same for Larry, but we can’t forget that he is nearly 70-years old and it would be unusual to get to that ripe age without a couple of medical issues.

Scarlett was recently diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy, so it’s most likely as a result of the effect that distressing condition had on her in the medium-to-long term that she’s ruled out of some of the trials.

But the question still remains – “Why sign up?” She may well still be crowned Queen of the Jungle but she is going to frustrate a few along the way.