Living in the jungle is no easy task – you’d have to deal with whatever nature throws at you and that includes both barrels from Danny Baker.

It does seem that there is another thing campmates have a problem with too and we’re not sure who we feel more sorry for with this one.

On one hand, you could be a campmate, with hygiene issues, according to Dr Bob, or you could be the doc and have to tell the campmates to use the shower more often.

Speaking to Joe Swash on ITV’s I’m A Celebrity… Extra Camp, Dr Bob explained that this is a recurring problem that pops up every year.

He said: “We have problems every year with the cast, especially women, funnily enough, growing fungus on certain body parts.”

Swash made sure to translate the doc’s diplomacy, as he loudly remarked “when Bob says certain body parts, we all know what he means!”

Wondering whether this was in the hands of the celeb, Joe asked Bob whether it was a hygiene problem and he confirmed it is.

He went on to say: “Even though the celebrities in the camp are quite healthy, I have been instructing them to use the shower and personal hygiene a bit more.

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