Friends is a show like no other, spanning over ten series and making us laugh and cry about fictional characters in only a good show could.

It also made stars out of actors – admittedly Jennifer Aniston was already on her way – we became to love Matt LeBlanc’s Joey and best friend Matthew Perry’s Chandler – of whom later marries Courtney Cox’s Monica.

David Schwimmer’s Ross and his awkward relationship with Aniston’s Rachel was a joy to watch unfold and, lastly, Lisa Kudrow’s slightly crazy Phoebe was a lovely injection of ridiculousness.

As mentioned, there is no show out there like it, but that hasn’t stopped others from trying in the 12 years it’s been since The Last One.

It wasn’t just a show, it was a cultural phenomenon. There have been several eateries around the world that have popped up, inspired by Central Perk from the series.

As such, there are several problems that only fans of Friends will understand and here are ten…

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