If Ant and Dec were to both drink half a bottle of Jack Daniels, who would be in the worse state? Dec, of course, he’s tiny!

No longer is that the only way to pass judgement on the lads’ drinking capabilities, as Ant only went and downed a pint on live TV.

Clearly living by the “it’s happy hour somewhere” rule, Ant destroyed a pint of cider at 8am in Australia.

Ant and Dec were playing a game on Extra Camp, they had to guess whether a name given to them was of a spider or a cider.

You see what they did there? Pundamental rhyming.

The quiz ended in a tie-breaker in which they had to guess the largest leg span of a spider.

Dec guessed it was 35cm and Ant went with 30cm and since the giant huntsman spider’s leg span is just over 28cm, Ant claimed his prize.

Of course, the reward for one half of the Geordie duo was a cold pint of cider and Ant necks it in 6 seconds.

All the while, the hosts chant him on with “down it, down it, down it!” and Dec watches on like that friend that always ends up taking care of his mates because they get hammered.

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