This year has shown us some great TV and a lot of new shows have made their debuts over the last dozen months.

There are several staples in TV that will be continuing their stories into the New Year, such as The Walking Dead and Westworld, but there are also some new series to look forward to in 2017.

And while shows like Game of Thrones will keep us entertained, next year is looking optimistic for even the most harsh of critics and even the return of a former favourite.

There are a whole bunch of new shows coming with plenty of variety, ranging from exciting dramas, dark comedies and devastating romance stories.

2016 brought us Stranger Things and The Crown but, whilst they are good, they haven’t exactly reached the heights of Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead.

But don’t worry! 2017 looks as if it may bring with it a few new shows that will amass an impressive following, here’s our five picks!

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