X Factor’s 35-year-old rapper has revealed some interesting fact nuggets about her life in a interview with Jewish News Online.

“When I was growing up people used to make fun of me, referring to me as a ‘Jewish princess’ or talking to me about me looking Jewish, having a Jewish nose,” she said. “You know, it’s quite insulting,” she added.

Honey G also took the opportunity to shoot down the idea that her act is a parody of black culture, she said: “They’ve got a problem with a white person rapping.

“The people who’ve come out and insulted me are not exactly spokespeople for the black community. No one’s said, ‘I’m speaking on behalf of the black community’.

“These people are just haters, they’re never going to get anywhere with preaching hate. It’s literally the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard in my entire life.”

Honey G’s rise to fame has seen her stay on the X Factor for perhaps longer than viewers of the show would like but she does not care. At least she’s entertaining, if nothing else.

The X Factor continues on Saturday and Sunday night at 8pm on ITV.

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