TV shows usually like to keep people on the edge of their seats with lots of twists, turns, gasp out loud moments and the occasional stark raving mad scenarios. This is certainly true of the hugely popular Netflix show ‘House Of Cards’.

Usually inspiration for a character would come from someone in a past role, but the House of Cards story lines seems to merge suspiciously close to Trumps controversial time in office so far. With President Trump firmly making his mark in history with his ludicrous decision making and complete dis-regard for human rights, you’d be forgiven for thinking his life was the actual TV show if you didn’t know any better!

Let’s take a look at how art has actually imitated reality with Trump vs. the House of Cards.

Scandalous, Suspicious Elections

Who can forget Trumps controversial win over expected winner Hilary Clinton? Just a few months after the dust of this shock started to settle, House of Cards aired an episode of a presidential election filled with illicit behaviour, absurd twists and shocking results.

In the show, Frank Underwood wins the election by rigging votes and acting to suppress voters. In the aftermath of the Trump election investigations started to look at concerns of potential Russian collusion and voter suppression tactics.

Bullish Executive Orders

Trump’s incessant signing of new executive orders in his first 100 days, some of them arguably unconstitutional, show his bullish nature and how he just seems to enjoy his position of power with no real thought of the consequences of his actions.

Frank Underwood in the House of Cards, shows an eerily similar nature in Episode 2 when he pushes through an executive order for protecting voting centres. Underwood then decides to secretly manufacture a fake hack by a terrorist group I.C.O., hoping to move the government on to a declaration of war. Hmm sounds familiar!

Investigations and FBI Drama

With President Trump being under investigation for his suspected Russian collusions among other things, the House of Cards sees its own President under scrutiny for possible impeachable offences. Trump hits back by firing the FBI director in charge of the campaign and the FBI director in the show also has to face up to intense questioning. The comparisons just keep coming!

Outlandish Statements in the Media

Just like we can’t believe what comes out of President Trumps mouth on a regular basis, President Francis Underwood likes to make a few shocking speeches in full view of the media eye. In the penultimate season, a media interview sees him declaring; ‘’welcome to the death of the age of reason. There is no right or wrong, not anymore. There’s only being in or being out.’’

Sadly these types of comments are all too common for Trump, with him belittling anyone who goes against him and spouting outlandish, un-verified claims. While his team rush around trying to pick up the pieces, he charges on to ruffle the next set of feathers and works to change as many Obama Laws as possible regardless of whether they actually work or not.

So who knows what to expect next from the ludicrous 100 days of office that is led by Trump. You can bet the House of Cards writers are following Trumps actions closely, to get their next juicy plot lines for the popular show.

Even the novelty betting market is getting in on the action with betting sites offering odds on who’s going to win the 2020 presidential election and if you take a look at the Trump betting you will see, maybe somewhat surprisingly, Donald Trump is favourite to win the 2020 election.

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