From complexion to lips, eyes, and the season’s must-have color, cosmetics make-up artists for celebrities worldwide take us through 5 must-have make-up trends for spring-summer 2024.

Spring is coming in a few months! It’s time to take stock of the make-up trends for the season ahead. From complexion to lips, eyes, and the must-have colour for spring-summer 2024, Cosmetics make-up artists decipher the trends on the catwalks and share their tips for making them your own.

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In 2016, Alicia Keys launched the general “no make-up” trend. Recently, Pamela Anderson brought the trend back into fashion by showing off her no-make-up look at Paris Fashion Week. As Tom Sapin points out, this is “a new era in our relationship with make-up.” “Today, we’re talking more about ‘quiet beauty’ in relation to the term ‘quiet luxury’ (which refers to a chic, minimalist style, editor’s note).”

For spring-summer 2024, the idea is to leave make-up behind and focus on skincare. “We take care of our skin by using an adapted skincare routine, focusing on active ingredients that correspond to our skin type,” advises the expert.

The pro’s tip: “The key to this look is to moisturise your skin beforehand so it is naturally plumped up.

The make-up artist recommends using a highly moisturising lip balm and lightly correcting the eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. He recommends working the lashes with an eyelash curler for a more open look without using mascara. Slight imperfections to camouflage? Apply concealer only to the areas to be treated.


Latte make-up, the big make-up trend for autumn-winter 2023, is here to stay. But this time, in other, more or less pronounced forms. “We’re seeing many variations of this make-up in brown tones. The idea is to sport a warm complexion and eye make-up in neutral/brown tones. It can go from a light nude make-up to a very pronounced brown make-up”, explains the make-up artist. 

The main reason why this trend is so successful and won’t fade away is that “neutral tones suit all skin tones and are easy to adopt.”

A tip from the pro: “To avoid a dull complexion, we add a touch of colour. For example, add an orange blush or a pinkish gloss…”

For darker skin, the make-up artist advises using a red blush to contrast with brown make-up, which can quickly look dull.


Apricot orange is one of the key colors of the spring-summer 2024 season. It’s easy to fall for, whether worn as a monochromatic look (all over the face) or in small touches. “It’s a color that comes back every year because it’s easy to wear,” says Tom Sapin. “It’s a color you can’t go wrong with, and it’s perfect for green eyes.

The pro’s tip: “You can wear it as an all-over, as it’s a flattering color that works just as well on the eyes as on the complexion or mouth. On the eyes, apply a cream eyeshadow and a liquid/cream blush in the same colour on the complexion. On the mouth, opt for a discreet gloss with an orange-red finish”. However, “adopting a monochromatic look doesn’t mean going overboard.”


While fluorescent colors were the order of the day on this season’s catwalks, green stood out from the crowd. “Green is a very spring-like color that goes perfectly with all skin tones,” explains the make-up artist. But how do you make it your own? “Even if nothing is impossible in make-up, it’s a trend that should be considered on the eyes rather than on the lips, as seen on certain catwalks.

Which green to choose? “More of a pastel green like matcha.”

A tip from the pro: to make this pastel color your own, Tom Sapin recommends blending it with powder eyeshadow or pencils and blending lightly with a brush.

Which eyeshadow colors should I choose in 2024, depending on my eye color?

Colorimetry also applies to make-up. Some shades work better than others with our eye color. Here’s our advice from beauty experts on how to harmonize the colors of your eyeshadow and iris.

Put an end to the traditional headache of knowing which make-up colours to choose to bring out your blue, green, or brown eyes. 


While some eyes can (almost) get away with anything in terms of make-up color, specific iris colors need to adapt their choice of eyeshadow.

  • Green eyes, for example, will play on a range of purples and plums. For a successful smoky-eyes look, several shades of plum are superimposed, topped with purple mascara to intensify the look. You can also opt for copper, coral, pink or grey shades.
  • For both green and blue eyes, tone-on tone is avoided. On the other hand, if you’re lucky enough to have blue eyes, you can do almost anything but limit yourself to 4 colours. Go for dark eyeshadow: brown, violet, grey, or black, and intensify your look with mascara. 
  • Brown eyes are lucky enough to be able to wear everything. We redefine the eye contour with a kohl pencil, then apply copper, purple, or violet eyeshadow. Brown eyes also like shades of brown, grey, black, midnight blue, bronze, or gold. However, to avoid a dull look, avoid too light, pastel, or powdery colors. 
  • Lastly, black eyes can play the ember look card by intensifying the eye contour with eyeliner or a black kohl pencil, which can be blended with a finger for a smoky effect. The best eyeshadow colors for black eyes are dark grey, black, or plum, applied in a horizontal V at the outer corner of the eye.

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