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10 things you might not know about Ant and Dec

They've been on our screens for over 25 years, but how much do you know about Ant and Dec? The Geordie duo have worked extremely hard to get where … Read More
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Fabinho: Liverpool’s unsung superstar signing

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Why Alisson is the perfect goalkeeper for Liverpool

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The five most anticipated TV shows of 2017

This year has shown us some great TV and a lot of new shows have made their debuts over the last dozen months. There are several staples in TV … Read More
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Honey G targeted by bullies for “being Jewish”

X Factor's 35-year-old rapper has revealed some interesting fact nuggets about her life in a interview with Jewish News Online. "When I was … Read More
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Ant McPartlin downs pint at 8am on I’m A Celeb Extra Camp

If Ant and Dec were to both drink half a bottle of Jack Daniels, who would be in the worse state? Dec, of course, he's tiny! No longer is that … Read More
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